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This homepage is about the history of Hendrick Hamel. He was the "discoverer" or explorer (the Marco Polo) of Korea. This is the only place on the web, where you will find everything in English about him, click on the image to the left to start discovering what you want to know. My involvement, ( home.jpg (880 bytes) ) an introduction about where Van Hove tells a little bit of the preface, the history of Korea before Hamel came, how the Dutch followed the Portuguese, how Korea eventually was "discovered", the complete Journal of Hamel, how they stayed at Seoul, in the province of Chollado, how they escaped, how they were interrogated by the Japanese, how he describes Korea, The religion, the moral standards and how it continued after he had written the Journal. Read about the person Jan Janse Weltevree, Hendrick Hamel, about the motives of the Dutch, what would have happened if..... Why people worked for the VOC and in the end, the bibliography and the resources. Take (a lot of) your time and enjoy! You may download or print everything, provided you mention my name when you want to use it like for instance (Copyright Henny Savenije). Just make sure that the margins are very small, otherwise you won't see everything. You can also use a video recording of the site using the following program WebVCR found here If you click on my Korean name, you will also see the transcription of the complete manuscript in 17th century Dutch and all the resources of those times. If you want a translation to another "Western" language, click here. This site is best viewed with a screen resolution of at least 800 x 600 . Do you like this site: tell a friend

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