These pictures are made during the takes of the documentary

(Some of them can be seen in original format, just click on them)
The documentary's image of Hamel (Frederik Vossenaar: Agricultural counselor Dutch Embassy)

Henny as Hendrik Janse, confined to death

documentary's version of the scene in front of the king Hamel's version of the scene in front of the king (source: edition of Stichter (1668))

The governor looked like a king

Jan Janse Weltevree (Park Yon) said to have come from de Rijp but actually came from Vlaardingen (played, by Joost Wolfswinkel, Dutch ambassador in South Korea)
Hendrick Hamel

Frans Hampsink as Nam I An

Waiting for the King

Taking a food break during the hard trip to Seoul

Marching to Seoul

Pak Yon meets Hamel at the beach

Same situation, a bit later

A picture of the Half Moon, the same ship as the Sperwer, notice the people on deck
and how small the ship is. Imagine this ship with 64 people aboard.

I borrowed this picture of the site of the New Netherlands.

A beautiful picture I once took from the Batavia. (I edited the picture a bit)

A replica of the Sperwer on Chejudo, click on the image to see more

Strictly speaking not a picture of the movie but I thought it was a funny addition. This is a caricature of the author of this site.karikatuur.jpg (14787 bytes)

On these pictures you can find me too (as Confucian scholar)









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