My 7 th visit to Pyongyong


This time I went and took my family, since I have been there many times, this time I spent most of the time with my family in the waborankea museum. The owner has become my friend and we stayed there for a couple of days. One thing struck me when I visited the fortress. The works have progressed a lot since I haven't been there for two years, but the progress made me realize that there were many more remains left than I ever could imagine. They were just too well hidden under the soil. The fortress was abandoned in about 1895 and in 100 years a lot of big trees have grown on these walls and the trees themself have become a treasure. I am also not sure if they plan to leave the trees and parts of the old ruins there as they are, or if they are going to demolish the trees and make everything like new again.

The pictures here show the museum, the walls of the fortress and the new bulletin board with the plan of the fortress. I just hope that they didn't give up the plan to build a museum for Hamel since everything is now just about the fortress.

The pictures here, include pictures with my family. Especially to show how big the walls and trees are, but also because it's a convenient way to show my friends in Pyongyong what kind of pictures I made and there are pictures of them and their grandchildren I want to share with them.

Alex in front of the wall.

Benjamin near the water mill near the museum.

Benjamin and Alex in front of the wall. The signs say that these were original rocks.

Tree on the wall.

Another beautiful tree on the wall with my family in front of it.

A part of the restored wall.

The waborankae museum

A naughty boy near the new statues in Waborankae

A naughty boy and a naughty girl.

Sure, be beautiful for the picture.

New map of the fortress.


Me and my limb.

Together near the wall.